Request a Bin

Domestic Waste (Black) and Recycling (Blue) Bins

A charge of £27.50 is made for the provision of new or replacement bins and also for additional recycling bins. Please note that you cannot order additional black bins.

The circumstances for charging for new or replacement bins are as follows:

  • Where a bin is reported lost or stolen;
  • Where a bin is required for new properties ;
  • Where a bin is required for new occupants at existing properties
  • Where an additional recycling bin (blue) is required

To report a damaged bin or request a new bin please contact us.

Garden Waste (Green) Bins

  • If your property is elegible, you can subscribe to the garden waste service online

Damaged Bins

If a wheel has come off or the lid needs replacing, the Council will aim to repair the bin.  For all other damage, such as splits, a new bin will need requesting