Accepted Materials by Wheelie Bin Type

Blue Bin

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Please ensure all bottles, cans or jars are empty of any remaining contents and liquid.

​Glass bottles and jars​Plastics bags and plastic wrapping/film
​Metal and tin food and drinks cans​Used beverage cartons, e.g. juice cartons, Tetra Paks
​Plastic bottles e.g. milk, water, soft drinks, shampoo, conditioner, detergent and washing up liquid​Margarine tubs
​Paper Bags​Yoghurt pots
​Cardboard​Cat food pouches
​Magazines​Any other metals including frying pans, car parts, padlocks, bike parts - please dispose of these at your local HWRC
​Brochures​Textiles – please take to
HWRCs, charity shops or donate to others.
​Junk mail​Window glass and ceramics
​Cardboard boxes​Paint tins/tubs
​Cardboard food packaging​Wallpaper
​Cereal boxes​Facial tissues
​Egg Cartons​Hand Towels
​Toilet & kitchen roll tubes​Plastic bags and plastic wrapping/film
​Catalogues & directories​Sweet / biscuit tins & plastic sweet / biscuit tubs​ (metal sweet / biscuit tins can be taken to the HWRC)
​Greetings cards​Plastic food trays
​Yellow Pages​Black Plastic Bottles (should be put in general waste/black bin)
​Envelopes (Including windows​)
​Books (paper back and hard back)
​Wrapping paper (not foil or plastic types)


Black/Grey Wheelie Bin 

​Non-recyclable rubbish​Any item that can be recycled in blue wheeled bins
​Disposable nappies​Hot ashes
​Cooked food waste​Hazardous waste e.g. engine oil, fuel, paints
​Plastic bags​Commercial waste
​Mixed rigid/flexible plastic like yoghurt pots, microwaveable trays and margarine tubs​Rubble/bricks
​Polystyrene packaging
​Garden Waste or soil
Sweet/biscuit tins & plastic sweet/biscuit tubs (metal sweet / biscuit tins can be taken to the HWRC)​
​Small electrical items (eg toasters)


Green Wheelie Bin

​Grass cuttings​Household rubbish
​Hedge clippings​Food/kitchen waste
​Twigs, bark, leaves​Cardboard/paper
​Straw and shavings -without any animal litter/faeces​Plastic bags, tubs or flower pots
​Flowers and plants​Logs, thick branches
​Small branches​Soil
​Fallen fruit​Rubble
​Christmas Trees (that have been chopped into twig size pieces)