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Access the deceased online website

“Deceased Online is the first central database of statutory burial and cremation registers for the UK - Until recently, to search these records you had to approach about 3,000 burial authorities and over 250 crematoria in the UK, each independently holding their own registers, mostly as old fragile books. We make it possible for burial and cremation authorities around the country to convert their records into digital form and bring them together into a central searchable collection.  Deceased online has all records of burials and cremations that are already publicly available upon request, but to ensure that any risks to individual privacy are kept to a minimum, we do not make any such information available until it is at least fifteen years old.”  https://www.deceasedonline.com/servlet/GSDOSearch

There are 2 ways to search: 

  • Simple searching is FREE, this provides a basic name, date of death and location of the deceased.
  • Advanced Searching is available to registered users who have purchased pay-per-view vouchers or who have a subscription – this allows them to pay a small fee (set by Deceased Online) to view the scanned pages of the registers/maps/headstone images and find more in-depth information about the grave and the people buried there.

How To…

  • Please use the link https://www.deceasedonline.com/servlet/GSDOSearch
  • Once on the site, select the search tab at the top – you will then have the option to simple search or advance search.
  • If you select Advanced Search - it will then ask you to create or log into a member account.
  • Once logged in, you can search any name. If you just search the name, it will bring up all of the results of all of the cemeteries on the site.
  • But it can be narrowed down by selecting the country – then go.
  • It will then ask you the Region, please select North West – then go.  
  • It will ask you to state the County, please select Cheshire – then go.
  • You then have 2 options – search by contributor or Cemetery/Crematorium,
  • If you select Contributor, please select Halton Borough Council. – this will then allow you to narrow your search to all of our locations.
  • If you wish to narrow it down further you can search by Cemetery/Crematorium – this will allow you to select each cemetery and just search the 1 location.  
  • Before clicking search please make sure that “All Records” is selected in the list.
  • A time period can then be selected, but this is not always necessary.
  • Once you search, it will load a list of the records we hold that meet the criteria selected – from here you can click through to see more information that is held by the site.