Cemetery Fees and Charges​

Traditional Burial

The exclusive right of burial in a grave can be purchased at Runcorn or Widnes cemeteries. One, two or three person graves are available. The exclusive right of burial is for 50 years from the last burial in the grave.

Halton ResidentNon Resident
New Grave for Three£955£1,910.00
New Grave for one or two£845£1,690.00

It is also possible to purchase the exclusive right of burial for cremated remains grave at Runcorn and Widnes cemeteries. These are graves into which four caskets of cremated remains can be placed. The exclusive right of burial for this type of grave is also for 50 years.

Halton ResidentNon Resident
Cremated Remains Grave£505£1010.00

The costs of opening a grave for burial are:

Adult Halton residentChild Halton ResidentNon Resident
First burial in a three person grave£1010.00£465£2020.00
Second burial in a three person grave£900£370£1800.00
Third burial in a three person grave£790£340£1580.00
First burial in a two person grave£900£370£1800.00
Second burial in a two person grave£790£340£1580.00
Burial in a one person grave£790£340£1580.00
There are no burial charges for a stillborn child or child not exceeding 12 months, this is applicable to both resident and non-resident children

Burial of Cremated Remains

The burial of cremated remains may also take place in both, full burial graves, or cremated remains graves in Runcorn and Widnes cemeteries.

The costs of opening a grave for cremated remains burial are:

Halton ResidentNon Resident
Burial of one person cremated remains casket£205£410
Burial of double cremated remains (two person casket) casket£300£580

Burials are carried out Monday to Friday. Burial times are between the hours of 10.00am and 2pm Monday to Thursday, and 10.00am to 1.30pm Friday. Saturday burials, and burials outside of these hours may be arranged, subject to prior arrangement with the cemetery office.

Additional Fees & Charges

  • Burials outside the above hours: £140 (Halton resident and Non Resident)
  • Saturday burials: 50% additional charge to above interment fees