Crematorium Fees and Charges​

Cremations are now the most popular form of funeral in the UK. We offer cremation at Widnes Crematorium which is a grade 2 listed building, situated within the grounds of Widnes Cemetery, Birchfield Road, Widnes, Cheshire.

Cremations are carried out Monday to Friday at Widnes Crematorium between the hours of 9.00am – 3.30 pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.00am to 2.00 pm Friday. (later times available with prior agreement of the cemetery office).

Cremation charges at Widnes Crematorium include 30 minute service in the chapel including 3 pieces of downloaded music. There is also the option to have a cremation at the crematorium with no service in the chapel.

Charges for cremationsCost
Adult (Including webcast Live + 28day Access to the Service£799.00
Child (under 18 years)No Charge​
Extended service time of 30 minutes in chapel£130.00
Cremation Charge with no service£410.00
Saturday morning cremations 50% additional charge to above cremation fees
The crematorium has an online music system offering a wide selection of music, with the additional option of a web casting service, which enables families view the service online.
​Cremation webcast Physical Copy (DVD/ Blu-Ray / USB)£52.00
Scattering of ashes are available at both Widnes and Runcorn cemeteries
Scattering of remains – (Cremation at Widnes Crematorium) – Monday -Friday - with an appointment£74.00
Scattering of remains - (Cremation from another crematorium) – Monday to Friday£121.00
Scattering of remains (Cremation from another Crematorium) No Appointment £50.00

Miscellaneous chargesCost
Use of Crematorium Chapel for funeral service£130.00
Late arriving funeral – 10 minutes or more£55.00
Casket – wooden £81.00
Token box£25.00
Transfer of Ownership of Exclusive Right of Burial£93.00
​Grave search – up to 10 names£45.00
Indemnity / Statutory Declaration Fee£93.00
Certified Extract from the Cremation Register£57.00
Civil Funeral Celebrant£207.00
Reprinting of Invoice schedule£27.00
Storage of cremated remains after one calendar month from date of cremation£80.00
Postage of cremated remains (by secure carrier)Price on request
Incomplete Cremation Forms£25​​.00
Late Cremation/Burial Forms (if forms are not received by 10.30am 48 hours before funeral)£25.00
Renewal of wooden memorial bench£865.00