Cremation at Widnes Crematorium

Halton cremations 

Widnes Crematorium was created in 1959 out of two attractive cemetery chapels and has been performing cremations ever since.

Full funeral services and committals can be accommodated at the crematorium which seats 70 and has space for standing guests. Services can be booked in 30 minute blocks. The crematorium has recently been refurbished and we have installed a new music and webcasting system.

Most people will engage a funeral director to make arrangements following the death of a loved one. These arrangements would include the booking of a time slot on-line during a meeting with the family. Families also have the option of making their own arrangements directly with us.

  The crematorium has attractive gardens in which ashes can either be scattered or placed into an overground sanctum vault which can be leased. Alternatively ashes can be buried within the cemetery grounds.