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A number of options exist for memorialisation they include:

Sanctum Vaults

A Sanctum vault is an over ground burial vault, available at Widnes and Runcorn Cemeteries.

Each vault will hold two caskets of cremated remains. It is made from polished granite, with a black fronted granite plaque, which can be inscribed, with a personal inscription, including designs and photo tiles. The vault is provided with a flower vase incorporated into its base. The vaults can be leased for a period of ten, twenty or forty years, offering the option to renew thereafter. Application forms can be completed online, after confirmation with the cemetery staff of the allocated position vaults location.

If you are interested please email cemeteryenquiries@halton.gov.uk:


Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is situated at Widnes Crematorium.

It is an everlasting memorial to a loved one. The book consists of vellum outer covers with hand illustrated coat of arms and a gold finishing decoration. The main sections of calligraphy quality paper are collated and sewn by hand with gilt edges.  There are two books, each with six months per volume, with a page for every day of the year. A single page dated, and handwritten with entries starting with a red penned initial. The names and text are handwritten in black and red round hand style. In addition to the inscription, there are motifs/designs which are all hand drawn and painted using water colours.

The Book of Remembrance remains open every day of the year, so the inscriptions may be seen at the chosen anniversary date. The inscriptions can be written in the book under the date of death or a date of your choice.  Inscriptions start at a 2 line entry, the first line being the name of the deceased, up to an eight line entry. Each line has a maximum of 32 letters.


Memorial Plaques

The Memorial Plaques are a lasting form of memorial to a loved one.

The plaques are manufactured from the best accredited bronze available. They are coated in a protective lacquer / varnish to ensure durability against weather conditions. The plaques can be inscribed up to a maximum of 70 letters. They are on a ten-year lease which may be extended or renewed for a further ten year periods at a time.


Memorial Benches​
  • Wooden Memorial Bench (on a 10 year lease)
  • Renewal (includes new bench)
  • Granite Bench
  • Renewal (keeping existing bench)



There are requirements associated with the erection of memorials at our cemeteries which any BRAMM or NAMM registered stonemason would be able to explain to you. The erection of a memorial requires a permit which any registered stone​mason will do on your behalf.

For further information and details about various options for memorials available at the Widnes Cemetery and Crematorium please email us or call 0303 333 4300