Household Support Fund 

The government has allocated funding to cover the period 1st April 2022 – 30th September 2022, and it is intended to support vulnerable households particularly those including children and pensioners.

Free school meal vouchers during school holidays 

Free school meal vouchers of £12 per week will be provided to approximately 7,500 eligible pupils. These will be provided for both the Summer half term (1 week) and the Summer school holidays (6 weeks). This process is already underway through the schools. 

Help for Pensioners 

Pensioners who are in receipt of council tax reduction or housing benefit will be provided with an award of £120. This payment will be made automatically direct into the pensioner’s bank account, or if we do not hold bank account details a voucher will be issued. You do not have to apply for this award it will be issued automatically, and the council will pay it in August 2022. 

How to apply for the Household Support Fund: 

There is no application process, customers will be automatically identified based on their circumstances mentioned above. 

  • For free school meal vouchers during the school holidays your school will invite you to claim the vouchers through the school. 
  • The pensioner payment will be made direct to your bank account or if we do not hold bank account information a voucher will be issued to you. 

Other help   

If you are in need of immediate support you can contact the council’s local welfare provision team called the Discretionary Support team. They can assist with immediate short-term needs due to a circumstance that presents a serious risk to the health or safety of the claimant or their family. Awards will normally be made for immediate essential day to day living expenses only, and will usually be made by way of a parcel delivered direct to the customer from the supplier, for items such as: 

  • Essential food items
  • Essential toiletries
  • Essential household items 
  • Essential Fuel Awards
  • There will be no cash payments 

To check to see if you could be eligible for the Discretionary Support go to :