​​Children's Centres

We're working with partners in Halton to develop family hubs across the borough by March 2025.

This work is being funded by the Department for Education from the government’s Family Hubs Transformation Fund. Visit www.haltonfamilyhubs.co.uk for more information

Children's centres provide many different children and family services including activities for parents, parents-to-be, their babies, toddlers, young children and the rest of the family. 

They are located within your local community so you don’t have t​o travel far. Halton Children's Centres have disabled and wheelchair access.

If it is difficult for you to come to a centre, please contact us - we can visit you at home or make other arrangements to suit you. You can also talk to your Health Visitor or your child’s school about Halton Children's Centres - they can help you to get in touch with us.

As of April 2016 a policy was agreed to ensure that Halton residents had priority when accessing children’s centre services. This was due to the fact that many other neighbouring Authorities were cutting children’s centres universal services or starting to charge for services, and Halton children’s centres were seeing an increase of out of borough users.

Therefore from April 2​016, no new out of borough families were able to register with Halton children’s centres. Access for those already registered was phased out during 2016.

If you are a Halton resident please complete the following ​online registration form. Registering with the children’s centres opens up a range of support, free activities and services to support you and your child as they learn and grow.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our centres.​

Children's Centres Family Registration Form »

This does not affect the attendance at Baby Clinics, child development reviews or breastfeeding support held in the centres.

There may be special circumstances when an adult or child that lives out of the borough may be able to register with and access Halton Children’s Centre services. This may be a grandparent or other relative looking after a child in Halton, or a grandparent or relative who lives in Halton looking after a child that lives outside Halton.

If you feel you have a special circumstance such as above, please contact the nearest Children’s Centre.