Talk Halton

What is TALK Halton?

TALK Halton is an EIF funded project. It consists of a team of Speech and Language Therapists, Early Years Practitioners and the 0-19 Health Team working together to ensure all young children in Halton are given the chance to reach their potential in Speech, Language and Communication. 

  • What is Speech, Language and Communication?
  • WellComm – Speech and language screening: What is the WellComm screening?, How does it work? How do I access WellComm screening for my child?
  • TALK to me: A selection of simple, fun activities for you and your child that will help their speech, language and communication.
  • TALK with toys: Activity ideas to promote speech, language and communication with different children’s toys.
  • Tiny Happy People:Tiny Happy People is a BBC platform with lots of short videos showing activities you can try at home with your child to boost their speech, language and communication.
  • The Communication Trust: The Communication Trust are a group of over 50 non-profit organisations working together to support those caring for and working with children with SLCN, as well as children and young people themselves. You can find resources to help support your children’s speech, language and communication.
  • TALK Halton Facebook group: To access daily information, resources and top tips from TALK Halton then you can join our private group for practitioners working within the early years in Halton.

Early Years Practitioners Resources

Wellcomm Resources