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Application to Secondary 2022

The deadline for Secondary 2022 applications was Sunday 31st October 2021 and has now passed. The online system for Secondary applications is now closed and you will need to complete a Late Secondary 2022 Application Form using the link below or by calling in to any of the Halton Direct Link Offices to complete one.

For information regarding secondary schools in Halton and their admissions policies, please take a look at the Admission to Secondary School 2022 Booklet before making an application.

You may also find the following documents useful when preparing your application:

Application to Primary 2022

The deadline for Primary 2022 applications was Saturday 15th January 2022 and has now passed.

Parents/carers wishing to make an application are now required to complete the LATE Primary 2022 Application Form or you can visit any of the Halton Direct Link Offices to request one. Forms can also be obtained by emailing schooladmissions@halton.gov.uk

LATE Primary 2022 Application Form

Please take a look at the Admission to Primary School 2022 Booklet before making an application.

You may also find the following documents useful when preparing your application:

Requests to educate outside of normal age group

For parents of summer-born children (those born between April 1st and August 31st), wishing to make a formal request to educate their child outside of their normal age group (i.e. they start Reception class in 2023 instead of 2022), please complete and return this Defer Primary Application form to schooladmissions@halton.gov.uk before the deadline of 15th January 2022. You should read the DfE guidance Summer Born Children: Starting School – Advice for Parents before making your decision.

Your preference school(s) will be contacted and a decision will be made in the best interests of the child at the earliest opportunity.


To help you in getting your child ready for school Halton has an Early Years Strategy and has also prepared a booklet with guidance on how to prepare your child for school and how to get support from birth up to five years old, The Early Years Newborn to 5 Years Booklet.


Following consultation, the Council’s Executive Board, at the meeting held on 21st January 2021, determined the admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled schools for the September 2022 intake, and the Primary and Secondary coordinated admission schemes for the September 2022 intake, which apply to all schools in Halton (Academy, Free Schools, Voluntary Aided, Community, and Voluntary Controlled). The documents are linked below:

Anyone wishing to make an objection to Halton’s determined admission arrangements must contact the Schools Adjudicator by 15th May 2021 to register their objection. Details regarding the admission arrangements for Academies and Voluntary Aided schools in Halton can be found on the school’s own website, along with details of how to formally object.


In accordance with paragraph 1.46 of the School Admissions Code, Halton Borough Council wishes to notify all stakeholders and interested parties of its consultation on the admission arrangements and coordinated primary and secondary schemes, for the September 2023 intake. The consultation commences 1st October 2021 and will last for a period of six weeks.

Any person wishing to submit a response should do so by emailing schooladmissions@halton.gov.uk or by letter to School Admissions, Halton Borough Council, PO Box 317, Runcorn, WA7 9BZ by no later than 12th November 2021. Late responses will not be considered. Please be advised that you will not receive an individual response, however all responses received will be considered by the Council and its Executive Board when determining the arrangements and schemes.

Proposed Primary Coordinated Admissions Scheme 2023

Please be advised that the Local Authority, as admission authority for Woodside Primary School, are consulting on a reduction in the school’s published admissions number from 30 to 20 places for the September 2023 intake and following years.
Proposed Secondary Coordinated Admissions Scheme 2023

Halton LA Report to the Schools Adjudicator

School Place Planning Strategy

Data Protection

Halton Borough Council is the Data Controller for the personal information you provide.

We collect and hold information about you in order to process your school admissions request, including applications to primary, junior and secondary schools, in-year transfer applications and school admissions appeals.

For further information regarding data protection please visit our Data Protection and FOI web page