Community and Day Services

Information about opportunities to do things during the day, while living in your own home (e.g. social activities or the opportunity to learn new skills)​​​

Who can go to Halton Day Services?

People aged 18 years old and over with learning disabilities and higher support needs.

How do I find out if I can go to Halton Day Services?

If you would like information about attending Halton Day Services, please contact us on 0151 907 8306 and speak to one of our advisors who will arrange an assessment with one of our Social Workers. After the assessment we will discuss what support and services you or the person you care for can access.

Are there activities for people with higher support needs?

Yes, our Day Services have won many awards in innovation in the services we offer to our clients. Day services is no longer a group of people playing bingo or painting, we offer a wide range of stimulating activities which include:

Massage, Music Therapy, Work Opportunities such as catering, craft making and our new venture hairdressing, Gardening, Keeping fit, football, bowling, line dancing, IT, Shopping, to name only a few.