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Inspection information for Business

Inspections will assess compliance against 3 key areas;

  • Structure and cleanliness
  • Food Hygiene practices and procedures
  • Confidence in management controls

At the end of the inspection the officer will assign the premises a score, this score is used to determine the food hygiene rating (i.e. 0 to 5) and the frequency of the next inspection. Higher risk premises (i.e. those with a low hygiene rating score) are inspected more often.

The rating is based on the last Food Hygiene Inspection. However it is possible that a premises could improve or deteriorate between inspections.

Display of certificates and window stickers

Although all scores will be published on line, it is not compulsory for a business to display the score on their premises. However the government are considering proposals to make the display of the score a legal requirement.

All businesses will be provided with a certificate and window sticker indicating their score. We are encouraging all businesses who achieve a score of 3, 4 or 5 to display their certificate or sticker. These premises are at least broadly compliant with the law and consumers should be confident eating out there.

Right of appeal

Within the new scheme all food businesses will have the right to appeal their rating if they believe it is wrong or unfair. Initially you should appeal informally to the inspecting officer. Their contact details will be provided on the letter accompanying your inspection report. If the dispute is not resolved you can then appeal formally to a senior officer. A form will be provided for the formal appeal.

This formal appeal must be made within 14 days of you being notified of your score. If you do not appeal within 14 days the score will be published on the website.

Right to request a re-inspection

If following an inspection you carry out improvements to address the matters raised in your inspection report then you can request a re-inspection. The inspecting officer will need to be satisfied that genuine improvements have been made.

You can only request a re-inspection once 3 months have elapsed since the initial inspection. You can request a revisit at any time after this 3 month period as long as genuine improvements have been made. This revisit will then take place within 3 months of the request. All revisits will be unannounced. Only one revisit request will be accepted. If after the re-inspection the score remains the same, the score will not be reassessed until the next scheduled inspection. It is possible for your score to go down on a re-inspection if standards have deteriorated further.

Right of reply

Following an inspection you will have a “right to reply” to outline any action you have taken since the inspection or to explain the condition found at the time of the inspection. These comments should be sent electronically or in writing to the authority and they will be posted on the website.  These comments will be monitored and if necessary edited to ensure they are fair and accurate.

If you want to send a “right of reply” message, request a revisit or lodge a formal appeal please contact us