Food Business Registration

UK law requires that all establishments used as a food business are registered at least 28 days before opening with the local authority were that establishment is based. This includes all permanent premises and temporary or moveable food businesses such as market stalls, delivery services or mobile shops.

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Help and advice

If you are planning on starting a new food business please get in touch with us at an early stage. We offer all new and existing food businesses free comprehensive advice and guidance to help them comply with food law.

Approval of food businesses

Certain premises that handle, process or manufacture products of animal origin are required to be approved by the local authority. Products of animal origin include food derived from meat, dairy, egg and fish. In addition to the general provisions of food law approved premises must also comply with additional product specific requirements.

Which premises require approval?

Most food businesses that manufacture or process products of animal origin will require approval. There are however some exemptions for retail premises e.g. some butchers and premises that manufacturer products that contain both processed products of animal origin AND products of plant origin.

Our advice is if you handle products of animal origin to contact us so we can discuss in detail if your premises requires approval.

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