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Covid-19: Traffic Orders

Temporary changes to legislation mean we no longer have to display notices in the press when we make certain changes to the use of highways and pavements (Traffic Orders). We are now able to display them online.

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 ‘Pop-up’Social Distancing Schemes 

To help support the safe and sustainable movement of people as COVID-19 travel and movement restrictions are eased, Halton Council has secured Government funding to accelerate walking and cycling measures across the borough.

Phase 1 temporary ‘pop-up’ schemes have been implemented in three locations to give more protected road space to cyclists (and assist pedestrians) on critical transport corridors giving alternatives to using the bus on busier routes.

These locations are:

  • Bradley Way and Greenoaks Way​
  • Hough Green to Liverpool Road/Hale Road junction, Widnes
  • East Lane (Halton Lea) and Busway at Palacefields/Murdishaw, Runcorn (expected opening late August/early September 2020 – please observe signage at all times)

The routes can be found on an interactive map on the following link which also shows existing cycle routes, to help you plan your journey:

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Restrictions/order variations will be required to enable these schemes, in line with Government guidelines. Notices will be posted below as Orders are made.