Trading Standards

Please report your trading standard/consumer issues via the Citizen Advice Consumer Service

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iCAN is a free email alert service and was originally developed to warn consumers about scams operated by cold callers and doorstep callers. We also want to let you know about free services, education and training opportunities and social events that are organised by the council or voluntary and charity groups. We also want to ask you to be our eyes and ears and provide us with information about what is happening in your community e.g. at certain times we may ask you to tell us about the experience you and your family and friends have had in relation to poor business practices.

We understand that some members may not want to receive all of these messages and so we are asking you to tell us which messages you would like to receive from the following list:

  1. Education or training opportunities
  2. Free services
  3. Acting as our eyes and ears
  4. Scams and consumer information
  5. Social events organised by the Council or charities and voluntary groups

If you wish to join iCAN Please email your name, address, email address and tell us the number/s of the category that you want to receive to  You can of course receive all of the messages by saying ‘All’ in the subject line or text of the email.

Taking an action in the Small Claims Court

There are 7 interactive guides available for taking action in the small claims cout:

  1. Before you go
  2. Issuing the claim
  3. Claim form
  4. County Court allocation
  5. The Hearing
  6. Using an expert
  7. Enforcement

Can you spot a scam?

Please try our interactive quiz and see if you can spot a scam.  Remember please get in touch to report a scam.

Please find links below to animations produced to raise awareness of scams and rogue doorstep callers.

Advice for retailers on Display and Price marking of tobacco products.

The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Display) (England) Regulations 2010 and the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Display of Prices) (England) Regulations 2010 came into force in 2012.  Initially these regulations applied to larger shops such as supermarkets. However from 6th April 2015 these regulations will also apply to all retailers that sell tobacco products including off-licenses, newsagents, grocers and convenience stores.  Business companion offers more detailed information and links to further advice. 

Halton’s approach to compliance.

We anticipate that the vast majority of businesses will adopt a responsible attitude and comply with these regulations in the same way they already comply with their existing obligations in relation to the sale of tobacco and alcohol. Halton will adopt a phased approach to the enforcement of the new regulations.

  • Phase 1        Provision of advice and guidance.
  • Phase 2        Survey of premises to assess compliance
  • Phase 3        Provision of further advice to non-compliant businesses.
  • Phase 4        Enforcement action in accordance with the department’s enforcement policy

If you require further information please email