Doing Business with Us

Halton Borough Council operates fair, transparent and auditable procedures in its tendering and contracting activity.  The Council aims to provide businesses of all sizes with a wide range of commercial opportunities and obtain best value for money when procuring supplies and services.

Where to Find Help
Email –

Contract Opportunities – Over £25,000

We advertise all tender opportunities on The Chest E-Procurement Portal.  Registration on the system is free for suppliers.

Registering on The Chest allows you to state what type of contract opportunities you are interested in.  You will then be notified of all such opportunities published by Halton Borough Council.  You can also choose to be notified of similar opportunities published by other local authorities in the North West of England.

Advertising Contracts – Above Threshold (currently above £138,760 including VAT)
The Council must comply with Procurement Legislation, this means advertising contracts above a defined value threshold for Supplies, Services and Works on the National Find A Tender Services (FTS).  A notice of all such opportunities will also be published on The Chest. 

Social Value
The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 came into force during 2013, the Act introduces a statutory requirement for public authorities to have regard to economic, social and environmental well-being in connection with services contracts.

The Act requires local authorities to consider how what is being procured might improve the well-being of the local area.

To help bidders understand what social value we would like to achieve through our procurement exercises and understand the different types of social value available, we have created a local version of Social Value Themes and Outcomes for bidders to consider.​

HBC Local Themes and Outcomes

The Council’s Social Value Policy and Framework outlines our ambitions and expectations to go beyond financial value and enhance the quality of life of local communities through actions to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area and its inhabitants.

Supplying Goods or Services to Us

If you are asked to supply goods or services to Halton Borough Council for the first time we will need to create your supplier record on our finance system so we can pay your invoices promptly. We’ll send you a form to complete and return to us so we can get you set up.

Supplier Changes

If you need to inform us of a change to the information we hold for you e.g. change of bank details, please email

Paying Your Invoices

To help us to pay you quickly, please submit your invoice electronically. Invoices should be submitted to

For information, the Council offers an Early Payment Scheme which can provide cash flow benefits to your business.

This programme enables your invoices to be paid ahead of contractual payment terms in exchange for a pre-agreed rebate. For more information about this offering please email

We can also pay your invoices early if you are able to accept card payments. Please contact for more information.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a Government-led scheme that covers all construction work. If you are a sub-contractor undertaking work for Halton Borough Council please email for any advice concerning payments due under the CIS Scheme.