Local Land Charges​

A Local Land Charges Search is an important step in the process of buying or leasing a new home or business premise, the search will give the 'charges' enforceable against successive owners by local authorities, or central government.

If you are planning to buy a house or plot of land, or lease a property, you will need to know whether the authority will charge you for any outstanding or on​​going services. For example, the council maintains some footpaths at public expense; others may be the responsibility of the owners or leaseholders. You will want to know about any restrictions or preservation orders on the property and about any planning applications that may affect the property in the future, for example, whether any new roads are being proposed across the end of your property.

The Local Land Search also provides other important information, for example if the property has been improved with the help of a disabled facilities grant.

Generally a solicitor carries out the search on your behalf as part of the house conveyancing process, but it is possible for you to carry out your own search.

Help us to deal with your search promptly

Until further notice, please note the following arrangements for submitting full Local Authority Search Orders. 

  • Completed LLC1 and CON29 forms, plus a highlighted plan, to be emailed to landcharges@halton.gov.uk
  • All information required (e.g. Part II questions, Box C) must be requested when the search is presented
  • Payment is made online(Select the Land Charges option)
  • Please ensure that the property is in the Borough of Halton
  • Results will be returned by email only
  • Personal Search arrangements remain unchanged. See below for further details​​​

Search Fees

ServicePrices (Inclusive of VAT)
Official Certificate (LLC1) £30
Form CON29R £96
Official Search (LLC1 & CON29) £126
Each additional (LLC1) parcel* £5
Each additional (CON29) parcel* £96
CON29O Optional Enquiries £14.40 per question, per parcel (Q22 Common Land £16.80)
Each additional enquiry £31.20
Personal SearchNo charge

*'Parcel of land' means land (including a building or part of a building) which is separately occupied or separately rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership. For the purpose of this definition an owner is a person who (in his own right or as a trustee for any other person) is entitled to receive the rack rent of land, or, where the land is not a rack rent, would be so entitled if it were so let.
** A separate search requisition should be made for each parcel of land.
However, if for the purpose of a single transaction a search is required in respect of two or more parcels of land which share a common boundary or are separated by a road, railway, river, stream or canal, a search request can include additional parcels of land.
Should you have land with additional parcels of land, or are just unsure as to what price applies to your search, please contact us and we can give you a detailed estimate.
All fees are reviewed annually.
Halton Borough Council aims to provide search replies within 10 working days

Pay Local Land Charges online

Contact Information:

  • landcharges@halton.gov.uk
  • Direct Dial: 0151 511 6201  
  • Address: Local Land Charges | Legal Services | Municipal Building | Kingsway | Widnes | WA8 7QF


CON29R Component Data

The data required to reply to CON29R questions can be obtained from the council department that maintains the information. Please contact us for further information


Personal Search Guidance Note

Please follow the following procedure:-

  • Address which you wish to be searched are to be sent via email to landcharges@halton.gov.uk.  Please include the following information in your email.
  • In the body of the email state the following information in this order:
    • Full details of addresses you wish to be searched
    • Attach any relevant plans.
  • Addresses will be confirmed by return of email.  If we have reached the maximum number of slots available for that day we will carry over your request to the next available processing day.
  • Your personal search result will be returned to you via email. Current turnaround times are a maximum ten working days.
  • Addresses will be allocated on a 'first come, first served basis' with a maximum of 10 addresses per day (8 maximum per company).
  • Responses will be sent during the following office hours - Monday 9am - 1pm, Tuesday 9am - 4.30pm, Wednesday 9am - 1.30pm, Friday 9am - 12pm.  Anything sent outside of these times will be confirmed upon my return.
  • For any queries please email.  Please note that no queries can be answered on Thursdays.
  • Further information about your property can be viewed online


Further Information