Runcorn Station Quarter

Runcorn Station Quarter is one of 14 areas across Halton that together form the Mersey Gateway Regeneration Plus Plan - a £1billion regeneration project being driven by Halton Borough Council. It is north-west England’s most exciting and varied regeneration opportunity.

The opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge has provided a once in a generation opportunity to transform Halton in areas where the new crossing and reconfigured road network has unlocked land for new development.

The vision for Runcorn Station Quarter is to create an impressive gateway to Runcorn, Halton and the Liverpool City Region, that welcomes visitors, improves connections and opens up opportunities for new businesses, leisure and housing. The first step is to make some changes to roads in the area and remove the ‘trumpet loop’ approach to the Silver Jubilee Bridge, replacing it with a new roundabout that will link the station to the town centre.

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Runcorn Station Quarter Road Improvements

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In Spring 2019 works began on the transformation of an area between Runcorn Station and Runcorn town centre, known as Runcorn Station Quarter.

Some of the preparatory work, like surveying work and removing trees, has already started with all the road improvements expected to be completed by Spring 2020.

Runcorn Roundabout Construction

Construction of a new five-arm roundabout will create better connections between the Silver Jubilee Bridge, Runcorn Town Centre and Runcorn Station. The works will take place across a number of areas – while this work takes place, various road and footpath closures will be necessary:

  • Shaw Street April 2019 – September 2019: Road rearranged to meet the new access road
  • Greenway Road August 2019 – September 2019: Existing slip road junction rearranged to meet the new access road
  • Bridgewater Expressway May 2019 – January 2020: New roundabout junction constructed to link the Expressway with the new access road and link to the Silver Jubilee Bridge
  • B5155 February 2020 – March 2020: Following completion of the roundabout, existing Greenway Rd by the canal to be remodelled into additional car parking

Runcorn Trumpet Loop Demolition

The new road layout will make some existing roads and structures redundant. Removing these will free up land for redevelopment as part of the new Runcorn Station Quarter. The work will include removing concrete piers and beams

  • Demolish Runcorn Approach Viaduct West July 2019 – November 2019
  • Demolish East & West retaining walls along Trumpet Loop August 2019–September 2019
  • Demolish Station Road Bridge September 2019 -October 2019
  • Demolish Picow Farm Road Bridge October 2019 – October 2019
  • Demolish Playground Bridge & Abutments November 2019 – December 2019

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