Adult Social Care Feedback

In Halton, where people receive social care support to help them, we always try to make sure that it is what suits them best, to help them to live their lives. But sometimes things can go wrong.

If you do have concerns, it’s often best to raise them as early as possible, usually with whoever is providing the support, so things can be put right. However, we do understand that sometimes people may find that hard, particularly where they are vulnerable and rely on the support they receive.

‘Help Us Help You’ is a new service where you can speak to us about any concerns that you have about services provided or arranged for you by the Council. We will help you to get your concerns sorted out as informally or formally as you want, ranging from a ‘quiet word’ to a formal complaint.

‘Help Us Help You’ is also about us learning; and finding out what works well is just as important, so please do use the service to tell us that too, that way we can help develop services to reflect what people want and need. 

You can contact us through our Online Enquiry Form or if you would prefer to speak to us, call us on Tel: 0303 333 4300.

Do you want to complain or provide a compliment?

If you want to complain to please complete our Complaints Form.