Transport Policy

Local Transport Plan (LTP3).

This contains the transport strategy and policies from 2011 to 2026 and the proposed schemes and implementation timetable.  

DfT Incentive Fund

The Department of Transport (DfT) has recently introduced a small incentivised element to the overall capital funding it awards to local authorities for highway maintenance. The purpose of this incentivised element is to encourage authorities to improve their performance in the management of their highways assets. In undertaking the initial self-assessment exercise as required by the DfT, Halton Borough Council concluded that it was at Band 1 of a 3 level grading but recognised what it needed to do in order to achieve Level 3 and is taking steps to move towards this banding.

However, in response to the signing of the Liverpool City Region Devolution deal, Halton and the other City Region Authorities actually received funding in line with Band 3 status on the proviso that positive commitment and progress is made by all concerned to actually attain Band 3 at the earliest opportunity. If positive progress is not seen to be made then DfT reserves the right to review the grade awarded. Halton BC would like people to know that, subject to resources, it is committed to attain Band 3 as quickly as possible.