Children Social Care Young People Feedback


First of all we will try to sort out any problems and deal with concerns as quickly as possible. If they can’t do this, or if you want someone else to deal with it we will follow these stages.

  • Stage 1: The majority of complaints can be sorted out by a manager, their response will tell you the outcome of their investigation and the action they intend to take. If you are not happy with what has been done to sort the complaint out, you or your advocate can ask for it to go to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2: At Stage 2 we ask people who do not work for Children’s Services to help us, we ask them to investigate the complaint. These people are called “Independent”. A senior manager will send you a copy of the Independent’s report with a letter telling you what Children’s Services are going to do.
  • Stage 3:  If you think that: the report or letter at Stage 2 was wrong or had bits missing, the complaints procedure has not been followed, Children’s Services has not tried its best to sort out the complaint, you or your advocate can ask for the complaint to go to Stage 3, this is where 3 independent people who have not dealt with the complaint before will meet with you, the independent people who did the Stage 2 investigation and someone from Children’s Services. They will ask questions to find out what we have done to sort the problem out. After the meeting the panel will write a report of their findings.

If you are a young person who wants help, we will help you to find someone to support you through your complaint, they are called Advocates, but don’t worry, we will put you in touch with NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) and they will help you sort through your problem.

If you want to make a complaint about Children Social Care you can telephone, write a letter or fill in one of the forms, there is a form for a Young Person or you can use the one aimed at Adults, which ever you find easiest.

Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans

If you are unhappy with the way you have been treated by social care services, including during needs assessments and the drawing up of EHC plans, you can make a formal complaint. You can write to Dorothy Roberts, Customer Care Manager. Halton Council will consider the complaint, appointing at least one person independent of the local authority to take part in dealing with the issues raised and provide the complainant with a written response within 28 days.

If you wish to complain about the way your concerns about the social care elements of the EHC plans have been dealt with you can use this complaint procedure whether you go to mediation about the social care elements of the plan or not.  

Children Social Services Complaints Privacy Notice

Just get in touch

Telephone: 0151 511 8624
Text: 07775765489
Post: Children & Enterprise, (2nd floor Rutland), Halton Borough Council, Freepost WIP4, Widnes, WA8 7BR


Referral to Ombudsman

If things are still not sorted, or you are still unhappy, you can write to the Local Government Ombudsman:
Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771
Phone: 0845 602 1983 or 0300 061 0614