Corporate Strategy

‚ÄčThe Council's corporate plan has five strategic priorities for the borough which will help to build a better future for Halton.

  • A Healthy Halton
  • Environment and Regeneration in Halton
  • Employment, Learning & Skills in Halton
  • Children & Young People in Halton
  • A Safer Halton

As well as the corporate plan there are a number of other policies and plans that will support how the Council delivers on our commitments

Halton's Vision:

Halton will be a thriving and vibrant Borough where people can:

  • Learn and develop their skills
  • Enjoy a good quality of life with good health
  • Benefit from a high quality, modern urban environment
  • Have the opportunity for all to fulfil their potential
  • Develop greater wealth and equality, sustained by a thriving business community
  • Live in safer, stronger and more attractive neighbourhoods.

These will be delivered via the Sustainable Community Strategy.