Exercise on Referral

Helping you get fitter and healthier

Our Exercise on Referral programme is aimed at people with long term conditions and offers you the chance to work with one of our Lifestyle Advisors to make long-term changes and improvements to your health through exercise. If you have a long term condition, including heart or lung conditions such as COPD, stroke or cancer, our low cost exercise classes are designed to help you improve your activity levels which can help you to better manage your health.

Our courses promote the benefits of physical activity, help participants increase their activity levels and reduce the risk of ill health.

If our popular Fresh Start programme is not suitable for you due to health conditions, you may be accepted onto the Exercise Referral scheme.

  • Free health check
  • Helps you get more active
  • Takes your fitness level and medical history into account
  • Venues across Runcorn and Widnes
  • Suitable for people with medical conditions (speak to your GP first)

Speak to your GP or practice nurse about a referral or call us on 0300 029 0029 for more information.

Our classes include:

Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you are recovering from a heart attack or you have recently undergone a cardiac procedure, doing regular physical activity can help keep your heart fit and healthy. Our cardiac rehabilitation class offers  gym/circuit-based exercises specifically tailored for people with a cardiac conditions. All staff are BACPR level 4 cardiac rehabilitation trained and exercises can be tailored to your individual needs and ability.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Do you suffer from COPD or breathlessness on a daily basis? If so, join our gentle Breathe Better exercise classes. All classes are designed to develop core strength, flexibility and relaxation while increasing cardiovascular & respiratory fitness to enable better breathing.

Living Well with Cancer

Small gym/circuit-based class specifically tailored for people during and after cancer treatment.  Exercise can help reduce the side effects of treatment, including fatigue, weight gain, bone & muscle loss as well as improve mood, confidence & ability to cope. Exercise can also play a key role in prevention & recurrence.

Yoga 4 Cancer

Come and feel comfortable to do as much or as little as you feel able in a relaxing & supportive environment. Gentle stretches, some strengthening exercises, LOTS of stress release & deep relaxation. We also have seated options for those who prefer.

Stroke Recovery Classes

If you’re recovering from a stroke, gentle, regular physical activity can make a huge difference to your life. Our class is tailored for people recovering from a stroke to help you build strength and mobility and regain your independence.

Movement Matters

If you suffer from chronic back pain our class is designed to help you improve your flexibility, mobility, core strength and posture to help improve your quality of life. Exercises are tailored to your individual needs and ability.