Fresh Start Weight Management Programme

Fresh Start is our free diet and exercise programme with personalised, ongoing support to help you get fitter and healthier.

  • FREE fun & friendly 6 month weight loss programme
  • 30 mins nutritional information and 60 mins physical activity
  • Daytime and Evening sessions across Runcorn & Widnes
  • ​Ongoing support & exercise to keep you on track
  • Opportunity to meet new friends and share your ideas and progress
  • Access to a specialist dietician should you need it

 Worried it’s not the programme for you? Don’t!

 The programme is tailored to meet your individual needs and also includes: 

  • 2 fully trained staff­ available to offer support, guidance and advice
  • Interactive information to help you to lose weight and keep it off including advice on:
    • Portion sizes
    • Food labels
    • Recipes
    • Takeaways

 PLUS access to lots of other Active Halton schemes.

 To begin your own weight loss journey call 0300 029 0029 and talk to our team to find out where your nearest class is.

 Alternatively speak to your GP about a referral.

 If you have any health issues that might affect your ability to exercise then speak to your GP fi­rst.

Fresh Start Resources (Password Protected)