Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Working within the community to increase early detection of cancer

In Halton, we support a number of local and national campaigns that are designed to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer and encourage people to Get checked if they have any unusual symptoms. We also promote local screening programmes for cervical, breast and bowel cancer.

We deliver awareness events and works closely with local people to increase the early detection of breast, lung and bowel cancers.

Recognise the signs

There are a number of key symptoms of bowel, breast and lung cancer which mean you should visit your GP. These symptoms can often be caused by less serious problems but experts agree they should be checked by a GP.

Key symptoms

Bowel cancer

  • Bleeding from your bottom – either in the toilet, in your poo, or when wiping.
  • Going for a poo more often or your poo being more watery than usual for over three weeks.
  • Pain in your stomach that happens most days, lasts for more than a few minutes and isn’t helped by having a poo.

Breast Cancer

  • A lump in either your breast or armpit.
  • Change in appearance of your breast or nipple – such as skin dimpling or denting.
  • Discharge from one of your nipples – possibly blood-stained.

Lung Cancer

  • A persistent cough that you’ve had for more than three weeks.
  • Coughing up blood – any amount of blood in your spit or phlegm should be checked out straight away.
  • Shortness of breath – feeling very out of breath, or more out of breath than is normal for you.

Screening saves lives!

There are 3 types of cancer screening for adults in England:

  • Cervical screening is offered to women aged 25 to 64.
  • Breast cancer screening is offered to women aged 47 to 73 in Halton to detect early signs of breast cancer. Women aged 70 and over can self-refer.
  • Bowel screening kits are sent to men and women aged 60 to 74 every 2 years. If you’ve not received your kit or are over 74, you can request a kit by calling Freephone 0800 707 60 60.

Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about screening.



Be Clear on Cancer

Be Clear on Cancer is a national campaign which aims to raise public awareness of symptoms of cancer and encourage people with symptoms to see their GP earlier.

Cancer Awareness Training

Halton Health Improvement Team offers training for professionals, the general public and workplaces on cancer awareness to build individuals awareness and knowledge of the signs and symptoms of lung, breast and bowel cancer, as well as local and national cancer screening programmes.

For front line staff or volunteers, who deal with the public every day, every contact counts and every conversation can be an opportunity to discuss health issues and offer brief advice and information. Our training will equip attendees with the knowledge, skills and resources to have these conversations.