Our team is made up of health and wellbeing professionals including Lifestyle Advisors, Health Trainers, Stop Smoking Advisors, Health Improvement Specialists and Practitioners.

We are a Royal Society For Public Health and CPD Accredited Training Centre and as such can offer a wide variety of off-the-shelf and bespoke health education and training programmes.

Support the health and wellbeing of your local population by upskilling your workforce, creating health champions within your community and embedding health within your settings. Our training can play a vital part in improving the health of your residents.


MECC ‘The signposting was very useful. The cycle of behavioural change model was interesting’.
‘All aspects where useful, especially the links at the end, and also MECC is available for other boroughs’.
Blood Pressure ‘I think actually using the blood pressure monitor on your class mates at various times was very useful . Also the information that Emily put across was very clear and precise’.
‘Training was made easy and explained well’.
‘Practical elements were great and working with the different groups.’
RSPH Level 2 Understanding the NHS Health Check ‘The practical side was really helpful’.
‘I found the guidance of each individual service that is offered useful and the knowledge of the clinical side’.