Fit 4 Life Digital and Outreach

Fit 4 Life is about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We help children, young people and their families to make simple changes that can have long lasting effects on them and their families.


Fit 4 Life has gone digital. Families can access the free 12-week programme via the free interactive app.

This programme is for parents/carers of children aged 4-13 years who want to make healthier lifestyle choices, grow in to a healthy weight, get more active, sleep better, feel more energetic and generally feel healthier! It is aimed at the whole family so you can all make changes together, and feel better together!

You will receive regular content, videos, tips and tasks for you to view and complete in your own time, to fit in with busy family life. You will also have a lifestyle coach to support you, who you can chat with via instant messaging through the app.

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If you are a parent/carer, and would like to access the Fit 4 Life app programme, call 0300 029 0029 or enter your details here

If you are a professional and would like to refer a family, please complete the referral form below:

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Fit 4 Life to you sessions can be brought to an existing group of children, teens or families. We can offer a series of sessions covering a variety of healthy eating and physical activity topics. There is also an option for us to deliver a bitesize taster session to encourage participants to sign up to our Fit 4 Life camps.

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