Healthy Schools: Primary

Halton Healthy schools award is based on a whole school approach, providing a basis from which developments and improvements are embedded in a systematic way throughout the school and effectively contribute to the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of all members of the school community. Being a Healthy School is not just about children and young people, it is about the Whole School Community.

Halton Healthy schools commitment is based on a whole school approach from policies and ethos to pupils and staff wellbeing. There is an expectation that you will look at your whole school and embed a healthy culture:

  • Healthy schools needs assessment
  • Staff Wellbeing
  • Pupil sessions
  • Parent Engagement
  • Resources
  • Staff Training

A Healthy school commits to:

  • Reduce Health inequalities through; closing the Gap of attainment and achievement, improve transitions and increase resilience by recognising a range of achievements and promoting engagement and confidence in pupils.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices for our pupils, staff and parent/carers providing a healthy environment and healthy role models that support our school community to make healthy choices.
  • Mental health and resilience framework embedded into school culture and applied consistently across the whole school community.
  • Provide opportunities for physical activity within school and promote physical activity outside of school (30mins a day in school time made up of no less than 10 mins at a time)

Schools who are signed up to the Healthy schools award can access a multi-agency offer of support on Healthy eating, sleep, physical activity, risk taking; alcohol, tobacco and drugs, Esafety, staying safe, road safety and mental health.

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