Infant Feeding

Halton Infant Feeding services are part of the Halton Family Hub offer – to find out more about Halton Family Hubs, visit

Antenatal Infant​ Feeding Support

Join us for an informal antenatal workshop on Infant Feeding covering:  

  • Bonding with your baby, before and after birth
  • Skin to Skin and feeling confident holding your baby for the first time
  • Lots of information and myth busting on feeding your baby
  • Sessions available (once a month) on Tuesdays 5:30-7pm at either Kingsway Family Hub, Halton Lodge Family Hub or Brookvale Family Hub.

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Introducing Solid Foods

We run FREE advice sessions for parents and other family members who want to find out more about introducing solid foods. 6 months is the recommended age to start introducing solid foods to babies. Book your place before introducing first tastes to baby for advice and tips on how to get started.

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For further information please call 0300 029 0029.

Home visits and telephone support

Our Infant Feeding Team contact all mums after the birth of their baby (after discharge from hospital) regardless of how they are feeding. We encourage a home visit in those early days for breastfeeding mums, to help ensure feeding gets off to the best start. This support is available for as long as it’s needed. We also offer one to one telephone support in addition to home visits.

We work closely alongside Halton’s NHS Infant Feeding Specialist lead, so can help you to access more specialist support if needed.

The team will contact you after you are discharged from hospital, but you can call the team for infant feeding support before we contact you, even while you are still in hospital.

Just call 0300 029 0029 or email

Breastfeeding Groups

Come along to our friendly Halton breastfeeding groups! The groups are a great place to meet other parents, make new friends, share the ups and downs of looking after a new baby, as well as get help and support from our infant feeding and family hubs teams. There’s no need to book, just drop-in to one of the sessions. All children are welcome and drinks and snacks will be provided.

Brookvale Family Hub Mondays 9.30-11.30

Ditton Library Tuesdays 1.00-3.00 

Halton Lodge Family Hub Thursdays 9.30-11.30

If you would like to talk to someone before coming, please call our Infant Feeding Team on 0300 029 0029. Supported by the Halton Infant Feeding Team and Family Hub and Children’s Centre staff.

Infant Feeding drop-in

Come along to our friendly Halton Infant Feeding drop-in group! The Infant Feeding groups are for all feeding methods and feeding challenges e.g colic, reflux and food allergies…. There’s no need to book, just drop-in to one of the sessions. All children are welcome and drinks and snacks will be provided.

Ditton Library  Mondays 1.30-4.00

Brookvale Family Hub Wednesdays 1.30-4.00

If you would like to talk to someone before coming, please call our Infant Feeding Team on 0300 029 0029. Supported by the Infant Feeding Specialist Lead, Halton Infant Feeding Team, Family Hub and Children’s Centre staff.


24/7 Infant Feeding Support via Anya App

Halton Family Hubs have partnered with Anya to offer you FREE premium access if you are a resident parent or parent-to-be in Halton.

Anya uses cutting-edge AI and 3D interactive technology to help parents overcome feeding challenges, grow knowledge and build confidence. The interactive breastfeeding feature will guide you on how to hold your baby, identify hunger cues, and understand how your baby’s tongue moves during a feed.

Virtual communities connect you to a close-knit support network of other parents, and the AI-powered virtual supporter provides you with 1-2-1 personalised expertise and companionship 24/7 to guide you through any feeding worries.

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Or learn more here: Halton - Meet Anya.


Are you passionate about supporting mothers and parents on their breastfeeding journey?

Are you looking for a meaningful way to make a positive impact in your community?

From providing a warm welcome to offering breastfeeding support, every role is valued an​d impactful. Join our team of dedicated volunteers and become a part of our infant feeding team.

Who can volunteer?

  • Anyone over the age of 18
  • If you have breastfed
  • You will need to have an enhanced DBS check
  • We value diversity in our volunteers and welcome applications from all sorts of people, from all backgrounds

What roles can I do?

  • Peer Supporter Volunteer– giving families basic breastfeeding support at sessions
  • Host Volunteer​– giving families a warm welcome when they arrive at sessions, antenatal workshops, events
  • Managing Socials

If you have a specialist skill or experience that you think may be useful then please talk to us

Our commitment to you

We believe that everyone has the right to access the support and resources they need to breastfeed successfully. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that values diversity and recognises the unique experiences and needs of each individual.

We are committed to actively dismantling any barriers that prevent families from accessing the support they need and to continuously improving our services to better meet the needs of our diverse community.

We provide a comprehensive induction as well as ongoing support, development and supervision to ensure you feel confident and empowered in your role.

How much time do I need to give?

Many of our roles involve helping at our weekly in-person sessions. Each session lasts roughly two hours. We’re flexible though, so it is possible to help every fortnight or every month in different areas and ways.

Our future roles may be even more flexible.

How do I apply to volunteer?

Next you need to fill out an application form, then we will contact you for a brief interview. We’ll organise your induction and arrange for you to do safeguarding training. You will also need to have a criminal records check (Enhanced DBS), as our volunteering roles involve children. If you want to become a peer supporter then you’ll need to complete a training course provided also.

Businesses & Organisations

The Halton Breastfeeding Award Scheme

The aim of the Halton breastfeeding award scheme is to support and empower our families to feel empowered to breastfeed out and about in our local communities.

We are passionate about supporting businesses and organisation to work towards being more breastfeeding friendly. We want, with your support, to raise awareness about the benefits and barriers when it comes to breast feeding.

Information for businesses and organisations

The Halton breastfeeding friendly scheme is open to businesses, venues or organisations that wish to sign up to show that they actively welcome and support breastfeeding families.

How do I join the scheme?

  • If you want to join the scheme you need to complete the online form here
  • You will be provided with support, certificate and stickers to display
  • Your business or organisation will be included/promoted on our Family Hub APP and website venue

Breastfeeding Friendly Grant

Community Development Grant

Are you a small business? Would you like to support local families and enhance the profile of Halton being a breastfeeding friendly place to live and work?

We are happy to consider any business, community venue or service for the grant, you must have been established for 6 months or more to apply for a grant of up to £3000, this grant is appropriate for small businesses, venues, and services. A total of £30,000 is available for distribution to local services and businesses.​

The Breastfeeding Friendly Development Grant is available to apply for from the 1st June- 5th August 2024

Download grant application form