Noise pollution

We can deal with noise from domestic premises, such as loud music, barking dogs and DIY and also from equipment in the street. We cannot deal with traffic noise or noise from people shouting or fighting in the street.


Report a noise complaint


Burglary Alarms

Please Register key-holder details, please try and ensure that your nominated key holder can respond within 20 minutes of being called.

If we receive a complaint about a burglary alarm that is causing a statutory nuisance or annoyance and the Police are satisfied that there is no criminal activity taking place at the property we will take actions to silence the alarm. If key-holder details are available they will be contacted to disable the alarm.

If no key-holders are registered and reasonable actions have been taken to try to contact the owner a notice may be served at the offending property, if this notice is not complied with further actions may be taken to silence the alarm. The costs incurred by the Local Authority during this process will be recharged to the owner/occupier of the premises.