Pest Control

Halton Council provide free rats treatments to all residents in the borough. We can also treat for other nuisance pests but we charge for these services. We also provide chargeable services to schools for rats and other pests. We do not currently provide treatments at commercial premises.

Once you have booked your treatment we will be in touch to arrange the treatment within 5 working days. Please only contact us if we have not be in touch with you after 5 working days.            

Rats (Free service)​

This service is free for all Halton residents. This free service is provided in the interests of controlling rat activity in the borough. The council provides a basic treatment and advice service only. If you have rats inside your property such as in a loft or cavity wall there will often be an underlying structural cause that will need to be addressed. The property owner will be responsible for undertaking any detailed survey or remedial work to resolve this structural cause.

Service Update Christmas and New Year

We are currently experiencing a high demand for rat treatments. This high demand and the upcoming public holidays means there may be a delay to our normal 5 working day response times. We will prioritise cases were rats are within a property. If you have rats outside your property it may take longer than 5 working days for us to respond. While waiting for the treatment You may wish to try some of pest prevention measures set out below.


Book a free rat treatment

Chargeable Treatments Service suspended July 12th 2023​

Due to temporary staffing issues we have had to suspend our chargeable pest control services in order to prioritise our free service for rats. If you have already booked and paid for a service in the last few days we will continue to provide your treatment and we will be in touch to arrange an appointment.

To find an alternative pest control provider we recommend you visit  visit:​  

Health & Safety and Effectiveness of Treatments

To ensure the effectiveness of any treatment and the safety of your family and pets you must follow any instructions provided by the pest controller before or at the time of the treatment.

Pests we are not currently able to treat

If you require a treatment for any of these pe​sts you will need to use an alternative pest controller. We recommend you use a contractor who is a member of the British Pest Control Association. To find a local pest controller please visit:​

If we are not able to treat the pest or you can’t find the pest listed we may be able to provide advice – please complete the enquiry form for informal advice: 

Alternatively the British Pest Control Association provide advice on a number of different pest species:

Pest Prevention

To help keep your property pest free from rodents you can try following the tips:

  • Ensure all household rubbish is stored in the refuse bins provided
  • Remove garden rubbish, debris, old furniture etc, which can provide harbourage that would attract rats (Halton Council Offers a bulky household items service to remove large items from properties for a charge).
  • Clean up dog mess as rats will eat faeces
  • Maintaining a tidy garden.
  • Removing food scraps and packaging from gardens or alleyways.
  • Avoid feeding birds.
  • For food stored in sheds and garages, use sealed metal or plastic containers to prevent rodent access.
  • Use brush strips where there is a gap under a door – this helps stop rats getting into your property.
  • Ensure drainage inspection covers are in good repair and gully or grid covers are in place – this stops rats escaping from drains and sewers.
  • Good building maintenance – such as filling in holes and/or proofing openings bigger than 2.5cm in diameter. This helps to stop rats getting into your property.

Treatments can be provided to all schools in the Halton Council Area. We can treat the following pests

  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas 

All school treatments are £64.14 each and will include a revisit within a 4 week period if the problem is not cleared.

Treatments can be booked by emailing Please mark your email “school pest control treatment”. We may require a purchase order from academy schools.