​Speaking at Planning Committee

How to arrange to Speak at Development Management Committee?

When an application is to be considered by the Committee, the Applicant, objectors and supporters will be notified in writing of the date the planning application is to be heard. An online form will need to be completed if a notified individual wishes to speak. The following stipulations apply 

  • The form must be received by the Planning Department no later than 4:00pm on the working day (normally a Friday) before the Committee meeting.
  • On the day of the Committee please arrive at the meeting location between 6:00pm and 6:15pm to register your invitation to speak.  The meeting location will be published as part of the Committee agenda.  It may be difficult to accommodate later arrivals. A council officer will explain to those wishing to speak how the Committee procedures are organised.

Further detailed information can be found in the following document.

Who gets to speak at the Development Management Committee?

The Council allows one representative each from an Objector's, a Supporter's and an Applicant's Perspective(this is a first come first served basis) . Should the registered speaker not turn up then the next registered speaker will be given the opportunity to speak.  Each speaker is limited to speak before the Committee for five minutes.

Members of the public speak in the following order:

  • Objector (5 minutes)
  • Supporter (5 minutes)
  • Applicant/Agent (5 minutes)

The five minute limit will be strictly applied by the Chairman. No slides, overhead transparencies or video presentations are allowed. To request to speak please complete one of the following:

Please complete the Online Form »

Download the PDF »

Do I need to attend the meeting to make any comments known to the Committee?

No. Written comments made in response to the planning application will have been summarised and reported to the Committee.

How can I find out when an application will be considered?

The Committee agenda is normally published at the latest 5 working days before the Committee meeting.  To enquire about the status of a specific planning application please call the duty planning officer on 0151 511 6160