Air and Land Pollution

Industrial Pollution

Certain companies with industrial processes which have the potential to emit significant amounts of pollution are required to have a permit. The permit sets conditions which will keep pollution emissions to a minimum. Permits are issued under the Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 .  To report any issues please contact us

Permits are issued by

  • Part A1 Installations - The Environment Agency
  • Part A2 Installations - Halton Borough Council
  • Part B Installations - Halton Borough Council

Details of fees charged can be found from DEFRA

A register of installations that have been issued with a permit by Halton Council can be found here.

Permit Applications

Guidance Notes

Cooling Towers

The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992 places a duty on persons in control of premises to notify us in writing of 'notifiable devices'. Notifiable Devices consist of cooling towers and evaporative condensers, except where they contain water that is not exposed to the air, and the water and electricity supply are not connected. If a tower becomes redundant or dismantled, this should also be notified.

For further information please contact us

Air Quality

Download Air Quality Reviews »

Halton has now revoked the two air quality management areas in Widnes town centre. The revocation was due to sustained improvements in levels of nitrogen dioxide which are now within UK legal limits. Further information on air quality monitoring in Halton is available in the annual air quality review for each year. We are also in the process of producing a new air quality strategy which will published on this website later this year

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Contaminated Land

How does land get contaminated? 

Land may become contaminated when substances have found their way on or into the ground - often due to industrial disposal, leaks or spillages. These substances may still be present in the ground above background or acceptable levels.  Land formerly used by industries may now be used for other purposes which are more sensitive to the potential effects of contamination. Our Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy sets out how we inspect our area for potentially contaminated land.

Report an incident

To report an incident please contact us. If you have seen or are concerned about fly-tipping you can report general fly-tipping

Deciding if land is contaminated

When we investigate contaminated land we follow guidance set out by DEFRA.

Enquiries & Searches 

Information relating to statutory designation under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, e.g. details of an entry on the Statutory Register.

Searches for land contamination information for a given property or site against all information held by HBC relating to known or potential contamination including historical land use, landfill locations and details of site investigations and remediation contamination. The charge varies depending on the size of the site for which information is requested. Please contact us contact us to request this service.

Requests For Information Regarding Potentially Contaminated LandCost (£)
For premises equivalent to less than 1 hectares in size, (e.g. a single domestic property or a small factory unit) :
The Premises Site Only 76.50
Any search of the premises site and the land within 250 metres of the site boundaries 122.40
Any search of the premises site and the land within 500 metres of the site boundaries 204.00
For premises equivalent to more than 1 hectares in size,  (e.g. a Housing estate or a large factory unit)
The premises site only 122.40
Any search of the premises site and the land within 250 metres of the site boundaries 204.00
Any search of the premises site and the land within 500 metres of the site boundaries 279.48
Additional enquiries charged at hourly rate 60/hr

Contaminated land register

We're required to maintain a public register of sites determined as "contaminated land". The register is intended as a complete record of all the action we take to identify and reverse the environmental damage of contaminated land. To request an appointment please contact us