× From 3rd May 2017 the Arriva North West 82A service will be diverted due to road works. Further information is available on the operators website

Bus timetables

Check the roadworks section for information that may affect your journey.  Traveline offer an online journey planner and you can also contact the Neighbourhood Travel Team to request a timetable or for help.

Bus timetables

​Service Number​Route Description​Monday to Saturday Daytime​Evenings and Sundays
Hospital Shuttle​Halton General Hospital - Warrington Hospital​See timetable​See timetable
​1, 2​Runcorn Busway Circular clockwise, anti-clockwise​Every 5/7 mins​Every 12/22 mins (Sun only)
3A, 3B, 3C​Halton Hospital - Runcorn Shopping Centre - Runcorn High Street - Weston Point - Weston Village​Every 30 mins​No service
3D​Halton Hospital - Runcorn High Street via Runcorn Shopping Centre - Halton Lodge - Weston Village - Weston Point​No service​Hour (Sun only)


​Liverpool – Widnes – Warrington​Half hourly Mon to Fri, hourly Sat​Hourly
9​West Bank – Appleton – Widnes Via Lowerhouse Lane, Green Oaks, The Hive​Hourly​No service
14, 14A, 14C,14F 14: Widnes – Liverpool via Hough Green, Belle Vale, Childwall, Wavertree 14A: Murdishaw – Runcorn – Widnes – Liverpool via Runcorn Shopping Centre, Hough Green, Childwall, Wavertree 14C: Widnes – Hough Green​Every 15 mins​Every 30 mins
17​Widnes – St Helens via Peelhouse Lane, Lockett Rd, Birchfield Rd, Sutton Manor, Clock Face​Every 20 mins​​See timetable
20, 20A​Halton Hospital (circular) via Runcorn Shopping Centre, Grangeway, High St, Weston, Palacefields.​No service​Hourly (Evenings) See 3D for Sundays
26, 26A26: Widnes – Ditton – Hough Green – Cronton – Halton View – Widnes 26A: Widnes – Halton View – Cronton – Hough Green – Ditton  - Widnes​Hourly​No service
27​Widnes Vicarage Road - Halton View​Every 30 mins​No service
52​Beechwood - Runcorn Shopping Centre - Halton Village - Castlefields - Runcorn High Street​Hourly​No service


​61: Widnes Prescot – Huyton – Liverpool via Farnworth, Rainhill, Whiston, Wavertree 61A: Murdishaw – Runcorn – Widnes – Prescot – Huyton  via Runcorn Shopping Centre, Farnworth, Rainhill, Whiston​Every 20 mins​See timetable
​62, 62A62: Warrington – Runcorn – Widnes – Halaebank via Stockton Heath, Moore, Murdishaw, Runcorn Shopping Centre 62A: Warrington – Sci-Tech – Murdishaw – Runcorn – Widnes  via Stockton Heath, Sandymoor, Runcorn Shopping Centre​Every 15mins (half hourly to Warrington)​Hourly
66Mondays - Moore - Widnes via Windmill Hill Avenue - Marina Village - Halton Hospital - Runcorn Shopping Centre - Halton Village and Runcorn High Street Tuesdays - Windmill Hill - Runcorn Shopping Centre - Moore - Northwich Fridays - Moore - Stockton Heath - Warrington​See timetable​No service
79C​Murdishaw - Runcorn - Widnes - Hough Green - Belle Vale - Liverpool​Every 15 mins​Every 30 mins
82A, 82B​Halton Hospital - Widnes - Hale - Liverpool John Lennon Airport - Liverpool​Every 30 mins​Every 30 mins
110 ​Murdishaw - Runcorn - Widnes - Penketh - Warrington​Every 20 mins​Every 30 mins (Sun only)


​Warrington Bus station to Widnes​see timetable​No service
116​Farnworth - Cronton - Huyton - Broadgreen - Edge Hill - Liverpool​1 early AM journey​No service
200​Runcorn Station - Murdishaw - o2 - Daresbury Park - Sci-Tech Daresbury - Manor Park - Runcorn East​Every 30 mins Mon to Fri only​No service
X1​Windmill Hill - Runcorn East - Murdishaw - Runcorn Shopping Centre - Liverpool​Every 30 mins​No service
X2​Chester- Ellesmere Port - Runcorn​Hourly​​No service
X30​Warrington - Runcorn - Frodsham - Chester​Hourly, also see 21​No service

School bus timetables

​Service Number​Route Description​Frequency
​2​Halton Lea - Castlefields - Windmill Hill - Murdishaw - Halton Lea - St Chads School​2 AM journeys only
2​St Chads School - Halton Lea - Castlefields via Murdishaw - Windmill Hill​1 return journey
10​Hough Green Road - Queensbury Way - Cronton - Fairfield/Wade Deacon/St Peter & Paul and return​1 return journey
14F​Widnes – Liverpool via Farnworth, Queensbury Way, Hough Green, Wavertree​​1 return journey
16​West Bank - The Horns​1 journey (AM)
38​Hale - Wade Deacon High School​1 return journey
​38 ​Hale - Wade Deacon High School​1 return journey
40​Starts St Helens – Parr – Cronton – Kingsway Campus see timetable for full route description
41​Castlefields, The Park – Riverside College – Cronton College​​1 return journey
​​42​Starts Croxteth – Broadgreen Train station – Cronton – Kingsway Campus see timetable for full route description
43A, 43B​Moore - Sandymoor - Riverside College (Cronton Campus)​1 return journey
44​Wavertree - Riverside College (Kingsway Campus) - extends to Runcorn Dock Road Campus Note - Service calls at Astmoor Site for the first term​1 return journey
45​Garston - Riverside College Cronton and Kingsway​1 return journey
46​Stockbridge Village - Widnes​1 return journey
​47​Latchford - Cronton - Kingsway​1 return journey
48​Westbrook - Cronton - Kingsway​1 return journey
64​Hough Green - Widnes - Priestley College​1 return journey
70​Sandymoor - The Heath High School​1 return journey
J23​Halton Lea/Windmill Hill - The Heath High School - Runcorn High Street​1 journey (AM) , 2 journeys (PM)
J53​Weston Point - The Heath High School​1 return journey

Service changes

On Sunday 23rd July 2017 there will be changes to the following services:

  • 14B service operated by Halton Transport will be cancelled. Due to this the 14/14A will have alterations to its timetables please check before you travel.
  • 20/20A service operated by Halton Transport will have a new route and timetable
  • 21 service operated by Arriva will be cancelled
  • X1 service operated by Arriva will have alterations to Weekday timetable
  • 82A service operated by Arriva will have alterations to its Sunday timetable

Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG)

Further information about the BSOG is available from