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In Halton 27% of people do not have any access to a private vehicle, and just under 60% of school children walk to school.

‘Pop-up’ cycle lanes were mandated by Government to offer travel choices as lockdown eased and schools restarted. These lanes were designed to be temporary in nature, low cost, and delivered quickly. It was hoped that the popularity of cycling and walking, experienced through the pandemic, would continue due to the many benefits, for example maintaining social distancing, reducing congestion, reducing air pollution, improving health and wellbeing, and tackling climate change.

Locations for ‘pop-up’ lanes were chosen following consultation and research into travel demands, bus service capacity, routes to school and work, and the need to join up existing cycle & walking paths. The Morrison’s lane was there to provide alternative travel choices into town for workers and shoppers as lockdown eased. It has now served its purpose and has been removed.

In the case of the Hough Green scheme, the scheme was not being used effectively, and at peak times was leading to congestion on Liverpool Road. It was therefore decided to close down this ‘pop-up’ route.

Schemes removed have been redeployed to Moore primary school & near Royal / Queens Ave, Ditton to prevent parking on existing cycle way in Widnes.

Halton Borough Council’s Executive Board Member for Transportation, Cllr Stan Hill, said: “In the meantime Halton Borough Council has aspirations to extend the active travel network, If you would like to suggest a new cycle route please visit

“Officers regularly check this site for suggestions, we cannot guarantee we can deliver the route, but your feedback is always welcome.”

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