Equality & Diversity

To demonstrate compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty the Council has:

  • Undertaken a survey of its employees and analysis of the results of the survey to determine the composition of its workforce and to enable a comparison with the community of Halton. This will be updated at appropriate intervals.
  • Undertaken equality analysis (Equality Impact Assessments) of a wide range of it​s policies, services and functions. This is an ongoing process and the published list of completed assessments will be updated regularly.
  • Published information about Halton Borough Council's staff and completed Equality Impact Assessments.

Halton Borough Council's Corporate Single Equality Scheme

Halton Borough Council's Corporate Single Equality Scheme contains a detailed action plan which encompasses those areas that are considered relevant to driving the equality and diversity agenda within the Borough.  There is also a progress report around the objectives.


Gender Pay Gap

Please find below information relating to our gender pay gap