Policy Background Documents

Evidence Base

The following lists the key evidence base documents that are informing the production of the Delivery and Allocations Local Plan. This consists of plans and strategies from other Council departments and other agencies, bespoke studies and national datasets. Some of these documents informed the Core Strategy (adopted April 2013) but are considered to remain relevant, whist others are in the process of being updated / replaced.

Halton Topic Briefing Papers

National Policy and Guidance

Housing and Housing Needs

Economy, Employment and Employment Land

Retail and Town Centres

Green Belt

Other Evidence Base documents

Other Plans and Strategies

Other Masterplans

Infrastructure Plan

Community Infrastructure Plan (CIL) / Infrastructure Development Plan (IDP)

Halton's Planning Policy Framework is the collective name for the collection of planning documents that are currently being produced by the Council and which will eventually replace Halton's Unitary Development Plan (UDP). Halton's planning policy documents consists of Local Plans and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) in addition to a number of process documents, including the Statement of Community Involvement and Annual Monitoring Reports (AMRs). The Core Strategy Local Plan is the central planning policy document for Halton and sets out the Borough's overarching strategy for future development.

Current Consultation: Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Council has published for a six week period of public consultation a Scoping Consultation for the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The consultation will run from 28th January to the 10th March 2016.

Comments should be submitted to forward.planning@halton.gov.uk

Infrastructure Plan

Infrastructure Plan is intended to identify the main items of additional infrastructure needed to support the level of new development envisaged within the Borough. It is intended to identify when the infrastructure will be needed, who is responsible for its provision and how it will be funded. The latest review was undertaken in May 2014.

Local Development Scheme

Government requires that Councils publish and monitor the timetable for the Local Planning Documents they intend to prepare in a document known as the Local Development Scheme or LDS. Halton's Executive Board approved a revision to Halton's LDS with effect from 22 June 2017. The Council are currently working on two Local Plan Documents:

  1. Delivery and Allocations Local Plan
  2. Community Infrastructure Levy
The Council will be a partner to the Liverpool City Region Single Statutory (Strategic Spatial) Framework